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Spice up your sex life, improve communication, bring back the passion.


Board game, sex dice, strip poker, favor clock, sexual services, and more.


Foreplay and sex position generators, role-playing scripts, advice, and more.


Set Goals, track progress, improve communication, enjoy a better love life.

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  • "Lovers Lane" - the Online Sexy Board Game

    Sex games

    Take turns exchanging sexual favors as you build clubs (for flirtatious activities), spas (for relaxation and sensual activities), theaters (for visual stimulation), and hotels (for taking things all the way).

  • Sex Dice

    xxx games

    Perhaps the easiest way to add fun and surprise to the bedroom. Use the default dice to come up with out-of-the-box lovemaking activities, or customize the dice for your desires or to create your own games with.

  • Strip Poker

    Erotic games

    No need for cards, chips, shuffling, or counting, play against each other on two laptops or mobile devices. Erotic playtime has never been easier! Try to get your spouse naked as you up the stakes with each exciting bet.


  • Foreplay Generator

    Sex games for couples

    Every click generates a new foreplay action customized for your relationship. With hundreds of possibilities, this app alone does wonders for making sex fresh.

  • Sexy Questions

    Adult board games

    Need help getting in the mood? Instantly draw from hundreds of sexy and intimate questions, customized for your relationship, to help improve your communication about sex and to get the romantic wheels turning.

  • Sex Position Generator

    Sex video games

    Break out of the old routine and explore new positions and passions for hitting the right spot. Learn from tasteful illustrations and simple instructions cusmtomized for your relationship.

  • Romantic Ideas

    dirty games

    With new articles posted each day, from both the team and other couples who want to share their successes, you'll never need to look to another source for date ideas, marriage advice, sex tips, and more.


  • Sex Life Reports

    sex board games

    Finally you can get the facts about your sex life. Keep an easy log of the days on which you have sex, get reminders about how long it's been, view your history, and get basic statistics. Plus many more features to come!

  • Romantic Diary

    couples sex games

    Don't forget your most intimate and cherished moments! Safely record memoirs about great dates, sex, fantasies, feelings, love notes, or relationship goals. Get ideas from easy writing prompts or from what other couples are sharing.

  • Sexual Favor Clock

    rpg sex games

    Enjoy the Law of Karma at its finest. Every second of sensual service you give to your spouse will be tracked and rewarded with sweet paybacks. Simply select who's serving who and start the clock ticking.

  • Sexy Services

    Online Sexy Services game for couples

    Award each other with "love bucks," list your own sexual services and prices, and purchase your spouse's services. Additionally, you can request the erotic service you've been longing for and let your spouse set their price.

Sexy Role-playing

  • Generator

    Online sexy role-playing generator for couples

    Sometimes nothing is more erotic than putting yourselves in other people's shoes. With this easy generator of settings, characters, and more, the possibilities are virtually endless. You can also customize the options to meet your fantasies.

  • Outlines

    Online sexy role-playing outlines for couples

    For when you want a tried and true plan for amazing sex, follow a simple outline. With some designed for pleasing him, some designed for pleasing her, and many more to come, you'll have no excuse for the same old.

  • Scripts

    Online sexy role-playing scripts for couples

    Combine ultimate leisure with your ultimate sexual fantasies. Simply follow one of the sexy scripts, telling you what to say and what to do, ensuring an orgasmic ending. It doesn't get any easier than that!